Department of Defense, DOD CSRS & FERS Retirement Calculator

Our nation’s military branches were forged in 1775 in concurrence with the American Revolution. These events were the precursor to the manifestation of the Department of Defense – the nation’s oldest and largest government agency employing over a million active duty personnel and hundreds of thousands of civilian personnel. The Department’s footprint is felt around the world through its’ diligent service and steadfast protection of our nation’s homeland. This caliber of giving does not go unnoticed and our team at wants to reward our Department of Defense and DOD employees with a Retirement Calculator to help them prepare for the next phase of their life.

As the most trusted and bestselling financial planning software for federal employees, our team wants to provide every DOD employee with a retirement calculator that works. For your heroic service in defending our nation’s boarders, we will equip our customers with the proper information for financial literacy to determine your future retirement affordability.

Our federal retirement software is a simple, cost effective solution to assist you with critical financial planning decisions in hopes that you live the remainder of your life in peace and harmony – untroubled by financial stresses. Born from a personal need to acquire the proper information and financial planning necessary to understand retirement benefits, our software was written as a robust, powerful solution for federal employees seeking retirement answers.

The DOD retirement calculator makes tracking simple and easy. Our online support will answer any questions you may have and help troubleshoot looming retirement questions. Take the next step in your financial future by taking the guesswork out of retirement with Personal Plus software today. Download your 14-day Free Trial today to take an important step in your financial future.