Internal Revenue Service, IRS Retirement Calculator

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) was born in 1862 during the Civil War when Lincoln and Congress created the Commissioner office which still takes precedence in modern times. After the reorganizing and modernization of the IRS in 1998, our government tax service now resembles a private sector model – organizing around customers with similar needs while delivering a healthy solution for American tax payers. Federal employees have provided tremendous value to our nation’s citizens and their financial future shouldn’t be left to chance. has a Internal Revenue Service retirement calculator for every IRS employee.

Created from a personal need to find transparent answers in retirement planning, The CSRS & FERS Benefits Calculator and Retirement Analyzer has become the most trusted and best selling financial planning software for Federal Employees. Our team lives out our mission each day, providing every IRS and government employee empirical information for retirement. We strive to help these civil servants make smart financial decisions with their hard earned money.

Our Federal Retirement Software is a simple, cost effective solution to assist you with critical financial planning decisions in hopes that you live the remainder of your life in peace and harmony – untroubled by financial stresses.

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